The cost of full-colour printing has steadily decreased over the past few years as digital technology allows increased use of colour in more documents. Improvements to print quality and a wider range of stock that printers can now accommodate, have ensured more options at a faster turn-around time. Enhance your communication and brand at lower cost.
Consider POD for elements such as: - Training Manuals - Books - Brochures - Presentations - Marketing Collatoral - Price Lists - Full Colour & Monochrome - Personal Invitations; and more. Clients who made use of our POD offering, also enjoyed the benefit of finishing, such as binding or varnishing.


Print on demand

The evolution of high-speed, digital printers with improved quality, particularly on graphics, saw a new concept of printing being introduced into the industry.

Print on Demand (POD) is a digital printing technology in which a book or other publication is printed on an as-needed basis. With this scalable solution, you can order the exact amount you need and get quality digital printing in no-time. Get the amount you really need, at the cost you can afford, conveniently where you are.


Print on Demand (POD) is not limited to any specific printed element and can also be personalised for communication that is sophisticated, personal, direct and engaging.With the added advantage of being the only printer in Africa and the Middle East with an Impika <link to Impika>, we offer the unique opportunity to print personalised communications to your target audience - this spans the gamut of large corporates, through SMEs to individuals. Enhance your marketing material or personalise your wedding invitations or leverage from existing statements to advertise additional offerings - the possibilities are endless and affordable.

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