Plastic Cards

We can print cards both thermal or embossing. Use plastic cards in retail, for loyalty programmes, as employee/security access or identification, transactional use and more. Highlights of this offering are:
  • We barcode and personalize loyalty cards with special encoding on the magnetic strip.
  • Our PVC card printing is either thermal personalizing or embossing with tipping.
  • Save costs with one turnkey solution: personalize as well as mail your cards all under one roof.
  • Our high-speed laser printers burn and embed the data permanently onto the plastic face of the card in a process known as Toner Secure High Tech Face Laminations.
  • These personalised cards are ideal for:
  • Membership cards
  • Security passes
  • Hospital ID bands
  • Rolodex cards
  • ID cards
  • Frequency/Loyalty programmes.

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