Postal Address Management Service Supplier (PAMSS) Part of our end-to-end solution, is our Postal Address Management Service Supplier offering. The aim of PAMSS is to verify customer address lists primarily to ensure a postal discount. Thus, we save you costs by negotiating with the Postal Service on delivery charges due to grouped postal codes and the simultaneous bulk dispatch thereof. A secondary advantage of a clean address database is that mail reaches its destination without extra nixies and wasted print costs being incurred. What is standard PAMSS? Where the address data is given to InsideData for processing, we run the PAMSS process and return the data set to the client. This process is repeated until a 97% pass rate is achieved. The customer receives a series of files that are clearly marked as to their status. An “Upload to database” file is created in which the software has rectified various incorrect address scenarios. This file is imported electronically into the customer database in order to update incorrect records. Several files are generated which require manual intervention. Usually the customer would use their existing call centre to telephonically contact their customer to ascertain the correct address details. (InsideData also provides a call centre service to assist in the telephonic verification of address detail). InsideData processes the mailing counts and electronically logs the customer bulk mail with the South African Post Office [SAPO]. A SAPO Bulk Delivery Note [BDN] is generated for customer records. A SAPO representative is based at the InsideData premises and the representative ensures that all postal articles for the customer account comply with the SAPO regulations. As this task is performed in-house, there is no further checking process at the SAPO bulk mail center. All postal articles that are pre-checked in this manner, bypass the SAPO sorting process, greatly reducing the turn-around time for delivery of your valuable communication to customers. More efficient delivery amounts to better debtor days. Further to this, you also have the benefit of knowing what your ROI on the mail cycle was and how to increase that in the next run due to the integration of PAMMS with Nixie Management



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