The Impika® iPrint® Compact aqueous inkjet delivers predictable high-quality colour on a variety of treated and untreated substrates using both dye and pigment inks

Our high-quality colour applications with dependable productivity can reduce costs and enhance standard stationery.  This allows InsideData to offer a highly modular, flexible and evolutionary approach to differing customer requirements for print. Not only is it the first Impika installation in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, it also has a small footprint and delivers an entire solution from end-to-end, automating the production of printed elements (such as bank statements) and operating more cost-effectively.


With the full-colour inkjet printer, we offer vibrant, personalized correspondence, offering promotional communication as part of the transactional document which enhances engagement. Enhance your stationery, statements or correspondence to open dialogue and target customers with messages that will appeal to them specifically, given their personal needs and desires. We have the ability to standardize messages across various media, whether paper-based or electronic, and ensure that the image and brand of our clients remain consistent across all channels.


The Impika® Compact is designed for high productivity and allows for high quality print at large volumes. However, the ability to vary images mid-print is what sets it apart – this means personalized elements can be printed in bulk.

The Impika also plays an integral part in our Print on Demand (POD) offering. Control your budget and your deadlines by printing only the amount of elements you need for the immediate situation – no need to store pre-printed stock

First in Africa and Middle East
PRINT on demand

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