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We have a transparent strategy to excel in BBBEE compliance
A word from our Group CEO Our BBBEE strategy is underpinned by an unwavering commitment to transformation from the group and operational leadership. Management is committed to ongoing monitoring to steady progress against predetermined targets. This transformation strategy is driven by InsideData’s BBBEE transformation committee, a subcommittee of InsideData’s executive committee, which includes representatives of the subsidiary companies. Transformation is similarly driven in each of the subholding entities by their own transformation committees, whose responsibilities include reporting on the BBBEE status to the operational and group boards, to ensure accreditation, as well as undertaking regular benchmarking studies through annual competitor analysis research. InsideData has a transparent strategy to excel in BBBEE compliance and we inform our shareholders, clients and employees of progress and improvement constantly. Jeff Van Der Watt
From our decades of experience, InsideData yields a contained offering that spans the gamut of communication platforms from traditional post to electronic media. Our expertise allows the client full control over the profiling, composition, distribution and measurement of campaigns and standard business communication. We function nation-wide as a BBBEE contributor and we are ISO 9001-2008 certified. InsideData consists of more than 250 employees, working from 4 offices across the country. These offices are situated in Johannesburg (Selby and LaserPark), Cape Town and Durban. We have a history of a set of companies, spanning across the spectrum of print, IT and business communication that formed an alliance. This enabled us to manage all aspects of communication between our clients and their end-user customers or served market. Our solution allows us to receive data securely from our clients, process and compose the data into documents, distribute the documents via electronic or paper-based means, and store them for dynamic web-based retrieval. Since this operates from a single platform with a built-in Intelligent Rules-based Engine, the distribution of items of communication in multiple secondary formats (should the primary format fail for whatever reason) is seamless and automatic. This has furthermore enabled us to implement a Mail Integrity System that allows both us and our clients real-time access to tasks that we are performing for them. The Intelligent Rules-based Engine and the Mail Integrity System are what set us apart.
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Our Certificates and Awards
We pride ourselves in the achievements and recognition received by our peers and authorities in the respective fields of Information Technology, Telecommunications, Marketing and Business Management. We have ISO9001:2015 certification from SABS and also boast the following certifications and awards: Assegai for Best Supplier 2008 Assegai for Best Supplier 2010 Assegai for Best Supplier 2012 Member of the Printing Industries Federation of South Africa (PIFSA) Confirmed PAMSS Agent in South Africa

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