NIXIeS Return Mail Management

InsideData is a provider of NIXIES Mail Management Services. A nixie is defined as an undeliverable piece of direct mail returned to the address or by the postal service provider. The undeliverable postal item is returned to the sender, either because the address is incorrect or because the addressee no longer lives at the address.

The nixie process

InsideData takes care of the process of Nixie returns on behalf of the customer by building a database of client data when we process the run for printing. A barcode is added to the document indicating the client reference number.

The use of barcodes

The printed product is mailed and may be returned, if undeliverable, to a private bag. InsideData collects the returned mail, scans the barcode and captures the reason code for its return. This information is tabulated for easy reading and sent to the customer for rectification.

In combination with our Barcode technology and PAMSS we are able to give clients feedback on their mailing cycle - data that will help improve the ROI and success rate for marketing or general collateral.

Ensure your message gets delivered

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