Mailing & Posting

InsideData has invested in the latest high-speed mailing equipment. This equipment is capable of matching, through the use of bar codes, the entire printed mailing run against a database file. This ensures that all printed customer licence cards are accounted for and inserted into envelopes. A run is not closed until all licence cards are marked off against the database file.
High Integrity Mail Processing Fulfillment Magazine Mailing / Direct Marketing/ Packaging Extreme Flexibility All our equipment have MRDF (Mail Run Data File) and OMR (Optical Mark Reader) capabilities The flexibility to insert material (eg. newsletters) is achieved through the selective inserting process. This can be extended to specific inserts per various regions (e.g. contract renewals, special promotions, and FICA notifications, to name a few) With the use of OMR code and Bar code technology, we have the facility to handle all mailing requirements. OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) and Bar-coding which direct automated mailing machines to correctly open, insert the correct quantity and close envelopes per individual client. The machines also fold and insert various types and sizes of documents which guarantees full data integrity. InsideData makes use of the latest high-technology industry leading Mailing Machines. The benefits are: Ability to feed a wider range of enclosures and envelopes. Suction separation and gripper based feeding. The ability to have larger stack heights reduces loading frequency. Automated double detect setup and simplified adjustment increase customer production rate. Ease of job setup increases operator efficiency. With six insert stations and two types of insertion technology (suction feed or friction) the type of marketing material does not impact your distribution. Glossy inserts are easily managed and distribution is at high-speed. Three onsite engineers ensure our equipment is frequently serviced SAPO (South African Post Office) resides at our premises. All audits are done on site before we lodge at Bulk Mailers Witspos or KZN Durmail. We are also able to mail internationally at competitive pricing. Save costs with our one-step mailer (rip 'n read), which does not require an envelope. This is ideal for statements and pay slips. Accurate Mail Tracking – precise error detection and material tracking. Also able to track mail from floor through to the post office mail stream. Through the integrated data audit facility, you are guaranteed proof of insertion into an envelope. A data-tracking file can be made available to your call-centre or web site to assist in handling proof of insertion and postage queries. Our six insertion stations and advanced machines ensure insertion of marketing collateral occurs at high speed. We cater for mailing from A3 to A5 size but specific sizes can be arranged. Save costs with our automated plastic bagging capabilities since there is no need to order plastic sleeves. Save even more when inserting statement along with club member collateral – halve the postage cost.
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