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To ensure the safety of information, and apart from our ISO 9001-2008 certified electronic safety measurements, we also implement security on-premises as follows:

Honeydew is the central site for our development in electronic and mobile channels. This site manages our own fibre triangle that stretches across the major part of western Johannesburg. This allows us access to high speed Internet for bulk distribution of email, SMS and MMS/MMS Lite. Based in the industrial sectors of western Gauteng, we are able to easily access routes and highways to Selby for mail and print distribution as well as courier services.

Honeydew is the pivotal site for the management and monitoring of all client databases, data integration, message distribution and archiving.






InsideData is proud to operate from four sites across the country

 We have offices and production sites in Johannesburg (Selby and Laser Park), Cape Town and Durban. These sites mirror one another as far as possible, to ensure business resumption and seamless integration nationwide.

As we manage highly sensitive data, all employees sign confidentiality agreements and have to pass a security clearance annually. This ensures the highest integrity, confidentiality and professionalism when working with classified data at any interval of the communication process.


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