Data Recovery Management
What happens when disaster strikes? InsideData solutions are hosted on our own private cloud infrastructure across two Tier-3 data centres. Our primary data centre is hosted in Bryanston, a secondary in Randview with fibre interconnectivity and a third site is in use for offsite backup storage. BluePrint can be deployed in various configurations dependent on the client’s Service Level Agreements.
High Availability - critical application components are load balanced across the two data centres in an active-active mode. Database instances do not run in a master-slave configuration, instead real-time database mirroring across the two data centres is in place. This means there is always a data centre live and available, where one would falter, access would default to the other. 
Warm Data Recovery – application components are replicated between the data centres and can be brought up manually in the case of a disaster being declared. The time frame to restore services in the case of a disaster is determined by the SLA signed with the client. Thus, both centres replicate one another exactly and only one is live and active. Where one should falter, the other is started up and activated for access.

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