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Why is channel hopping important?
Our multi-channel distribution offerings enable you to make any campaign or communication element more bespoke. Whether utilizing one channel only or combining these to create multiple touch points in one campaign that are aligned to the main marketing strategy and geared to profiled target audiences. The available distribution channels are: Email, SMS, MMS, Web Portals, Mobi, DVD, USB & Print and Post. When considering business requirements, the BluePrint solution does not limit you to a single channel but can uniquely offer what we refer to as Channel Hopping which is a rules-based service that caters for potential distribution scenario’s. Where, for example, and email address is no longer active, or bounces for some reason, you can pre-set a rule that an SMS should be sent to the recipient’s number. Thus, the channel hopping creates contingency rules to ensure that your message reaches the audience. This is a simple, yet effective solution and is illustrated in the diagram below:
Choose the right channel for your message

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