Composition Services

How does Composition as a Service assist you?
InsideData has specialists who provide a comprehensive set of document composition services to our clients. Our goal with document composition is always to strike a healthy balance between quality of content and physical document size. Customers are far more satisfied when receiving documents with small file sizes as opposed to large file sizes which consume unnecessary resources. This is particularly important for corporate administrators who may receive hundreds of individual electronic communications from our clients.
An optional add-on is the composition of documents which meet high standards of accessibility, meaning that they are friendly towards visually and hearing-impaired customers. Each client has differing composition requirements which can be accommodated and a variety of specialist tools is at our disposal. These tools are selected based on client volumes, client preferences and processing SLA requirements. The same tool sets are utilized for the development of content for all our distribution channels. This eliminates duplication and drives cost efficiencies for our clients. From simple standardized letters to highly personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns, all can be accommodated through the tools and BluePrint engine. InsideData encourages a philosophy of making each communication with a customer meaningful using personalized messaging and relevant content. In this context, we like to work with our clients in managing any whitespace <link to White Space Management> in their communication templates which can effectively be used to promote brand, customer messaging or cross/ up sell opportunities.

This composition service is popular amongst InsideData clients as it eliminates the need for clients to have these specialist skills in house and allows for a speedy turnaround on any composition-related requirements.  Entrusting a specialist with the physical composition effort while still maintaining the control of the “look and feel” of client facing documents ensures the continuity of these services.

InsideData’ s BluePrint solution includes full work flow capability allowing all batches or individual client communication to go through an approval process prior to any distribution. Alternatively, where system processes are well entrenched and trusted, an auto approval function can be set to allow for communication to be distributed without an approval flow.

Client-Managed Composition

InsideData can offer alternative solutions to customers who would like to own and manage their content creation process. The options range from simple e-mail template management to the comprehensive CSF product suite described below.

Template Management and Document Composition

The unformatted data and client facing document templates are merged and the result is the production of documents for distribution to internal and/or external clients via several channels and the archiving of these documents.  The documents will be constructed according to the client’s desired distribution method and rules.  Electronic documents will contain logos and/or additional colour coded data and interactive features that are not possible on the normal printed documents.  The normal printed documents will be formatted for the print process using pre-printed stationery on either cut-sheet or roll-feed printers or inserter's.

The composition tools allow for the creation of all client communications - bills, statements, notices, letters, direct mail campaigns, newsletters, and any other fully composed communications in batch or real-time for delivery through the preferred print or electronic channels.  The composition tools open architecture was designed to make it easier for IT, marketing, and business users to collaborate on content creation, significantly reducing the document development and maintenance costs and dramatically improving time to market.

InsideData can offer alternative solutions to customers who would like to own and manage their content creation process. The options range from simple e-mail template management to the comprehensive CSF product suite described below.

Design Functionality − the foundation of the suite, helping companies to design, test and generate personalized, multi-channel client communications.o Advanced Charts e.g.: stacked bar, Gantt, scatter, and ring charts etc.o Advanced Messaging: White space management, Rules driven marketingo Advanced Output: Multi channel delivery with Thresholding, Auditing, and Separators etc.o Advanced PDF: Insert external PDF files such as brochures directly into your output stream.o Check Imaging: To incorporate check images into Designer-produced documents. By referencing check images anywhere in the document design, the images can easily be integrated into the overall design of documentso Bar-coding

Web Design and Development

A browser-based messaging and collaboration application, allowing users to create, manage and target personalized communications content. Herewith, users access the suite’s database via an Internet browser to create content using advanced formatting, manage business rules for messaging priorities and campaign dates, and target communications for key client segments.


o Real-time In-situ Design – An on-demand environment that allows your employees and clients to instantly generate documents in a format created by the Design Functionality.

o Interactive Design − Helps client-facing employees instantly and interactively create brand and regulatory compliant business documents uniquely personalized to each client interaction.

Our Composition as a Service enables clients to express the message in a candid, visual format that speaks to the target in the correct narrative, medium and tone.

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