The InsideData customer communication Solution

At InsideData, our Customer Communication Solution has been developed to meet all our clients’ unique communication requirements.  The foundation of our solution is a generic home-grown product platform called BluePrint, this platform is scalable and serves a range of customers across various sectors including finance, insurance, telecommunications and retail.  What differentiates InsideData and our SaaS BluePrint platform from our competitors, is our complete end-end coverage of traditional paper-based, electronic and emerging digital channels. Our presence in this industry over the past decades has allowed us to develop a matured product offering which is backed by a highly capable operational team and unparalleled expertise in the field. A high-level illustration of the breadth of the BluePrint solution is provided below:

How do we handle transactional data?

InsideData can accommodate a multitude of different format and types of data files which we receive from our clients, dependent on their processing requirements. Common ASCII formats include XML, CSV, Fixed Width, TAB Separated Values, PDF and, for some clients, running legacy systems. InsideData accommodates EBCDIC character format. Files are received in batch mode through secure channels via Direct Connect, SSL WCF Web Services, SFTP or XCOM.

Alternatively, for real time requirements, InsideData has a comprehensive API which can be used to facilitate composition and distribution instructions.

What is the benefit of data integration?

Our BluePrint engine loading services are primarily responsible for loading transformed client data into their BluePrint database instance. During the data integration phase, data integrity and validation checks are performed against an agreed client rule set. The client is notified of any violations and, dependent on the severity of the errors, loading may not take place.

In these cases, the client would need to address the source of the data quality issues and resubmit the file for processing.

Our data integration saves the client from distribution and communication errors

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