Ballot voting

Ballot voting for electronic

Ballot voting for electronic elements, reduces response time drastically and eliminates the need to download forms. Customers have the option to immediately vote on a financial, board or management decision. This is minimizes the need for adjudicating proxies since the voters do not have to be at a set venue or premisews in order to cast a decision. The benefit extends to scenarios such as board decisions, body corporate voting, fund changes and more.

Prepare Data. Manually notify investors timeously to provide them enough time to consider their option. Ensure that notifications reach investors. Manually capture investor responses accurately via phone, fax and email responses. Manually reconcile responses during the lifecycle of the action. Audit trail of elections made by investors. When using electronic voting ballots, consider the following process:
Step 1 Digibroker Extended Functionality The message contains the election options and percentages. Format announcement communication online. Populate Corporate Action (or other) life cycle dates.
Step 2 Notification Management Web services that can provide JSE Member web site integration. Rules driven reminders to manage election diary. Populate Corporate Action life cycle dates. Format support for E-mail, SMS, MMS. Send out Electronic Notifications. Digibroker integration.
Step 3 Online Election Summary Reports. Automated Response Confirmations. Provide collated responses to JSE Member. Operator Election Capturing on the same database. Election detail per account holder available from database. Automated Election Capturing via online responsesInteractive & email.
Step 4 Reporting & Analysis Online Election Summary Reports. Provide collated responses to JSE Member. The message contains the election options and percentages
PDF Attach a document to email. Here, the customer must download, print and send the document back. Email Immediate voting can occur. Attach a PDF for detailed information only.

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